EIV News at 6


EIV News at 6  is an Associated Press Award winning Newscast. It is a 15-minute long live-to-tape broadcast that covers subjects like breaking



EIV News at 9


EIV News at 9  is an Associated Press Award Winning Newscast. It is a live half hour broadcast that covers hard news, politics, sports, entertainment, and international affairs, and weather from a local perspective. EIV News at 9  is Emerson College’s source for up to date information.



The Dish


The Dish is an entertainment news show with a humorous twist: we cover everything from the television screen to the movie screen to the stage and give comprehensive look at what is trending out there. Modeled after pop-culture news shows like The Soup and E! News, this show gives you the ~”dish”~ on all things media.



The Box Score with Harris Rubenstein


The Box Score with Harris Rubinstein is a new show at EIV, focusing on sports analytics and commentary. It is easy these days to find the who, what, and when in sports, but there is not much focus on the why and how. This program is dedicated to giving its viewers the why and how in a fun half-hour show.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct


Unsportsmanlike Conduct is Emerson College’s only sports debate show. Teams face off against each other debating hot sports topics and winning points for the teams. At the end of the season, a playoff tournament decides the ultimate UC Champion!