EIV Evening News


EIV Evening News is a thirty minute look at the biggest national, political, sports, and entertainment stories of the week.


EIV News at 9



EIV News at 9  is your source for local, international, political, entertainment,  and sports news, live from our studio in Boston.


The Dish


The Dish is a bi-weekly, live up-to-date entertainment news show with a comedic twist. The main host will present the main stories in pop-culture news, and three other correspondents cover specific topics like music, television, and movies. Segment team hits the streets and discusses pop culture news with a gameshow twist with Bostonians! 


The Box Score with Brian Danuff



The Box Score is an EVVY Award-winning Sports Commentary and Analytics show. We don't just give you the who, what and where, but the how and why.

Content Online

A skeptical internet savant enlists the help of an adorable voice assistant to browse the web and see if any of it is worth saving. The two explore issues around data archival, online identity, fandom and net neutrality.




Bringing you the latest internet trends and keeping you in the loop regarding all things online.




Paulitics is a 30-minute studio show discussing national, international, and local political news, with a comedic and educational spin. As Emerson’s only political news show, Paulitics designed to educate an audience while making important, contentious news, accessible and lighthearted. The show features Host and Executive Producer Paul Ross who leads a team of correspondents to share and comment on the news, while receiving expert analysis from featured guests.


The Punchline

Emerson’s very own Last Week Tonight, EIV’s The Punchline broaches the absurd and unjust systemic issues of Emerson College. From student rights to off-campus services, follow our razor-sharp host as with wit and investigative journalism we unpack problems affecting students and faculty alike.


Suzie Hicks the Science Chick

Suzie Hicks the Science Chick is a feminist, college-humor spin on the children’s classic Bill Nye the Science Guy. A three episode comedy series, Suzie Hicks the Science Chick will cover topics like renewable energy, plastics, and meat while making the material funny and engaging for young adults.