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On the last leg of his Asian diplomacy trip, President Trump stopped in the Philippines. The trip lasted nearly two weeks, the longest stop of which has made multiple headlines.

The president seems to have struck a friendly tone with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, praising him during the ASEAN Summit.

The controversial President Duterte has been accused of ordering death squads on his own Filipino people in order to execute his war on drugs. However, his accusations did not stop the two presidents from engaging in friendly conversation.

“Donald Trump has hailed his ‘great relationship’ with the Philippines’ president…” reported The Guardian. During a joint meeting with reporters, there was no mention of human rights, and questions about drug crackdowns also went ignored.

The New York Times reported that President Duterte, in addition to establishing a friendly rapport with President Trump, has had a change of tune on America following his scathing remarks about former President Barack Obama last year, which left U.S.-Philippine relations on a sour note.

The Filipino people took to the streets to protest the close relations between President Trump, the former colonizer, and President Duterte.

CNNPhilippines posted an image with the caption stating: “Militant groups oppose U.S. President Donald Trump’s presence in the country and the ASEAN Summit. They prepared an effigy of Trump, with four arms positioned like a swastika. Behind Trump is a little President Rodrigo Duterte. Militant groups say this shows that Duterte is Trump’s back-up, supporter.”

The National Capital Region Police Office estimated that around 1,000 rallyists joined the protests pervasive on the collection of islands, reported the PhilStar.  

In an earlier released statement, progressive group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said the effigy depicts the American leader”as the fascist, racist CEO of US imperialism.”

No doubt President Trump enjoyed his trip through the Asian continent; Trump felt he received “red carpet welcome[s]” from governments there, reported the Independent.

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