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Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has threatened to sue the Washington Post in response to their piece about the sexual misconduct allegations against him. The Post reported that Moore had sexual relations with teenagers while he was in his early 30s. 

During a campaign speech in Huntsville, Alabama, Moore described the Post article as a “desperate attempt to stop [his] political campaign” according to CNN, and he has vowed to launch investigations into the motivations of the Post article.

The same CNN report states that Moore has vehemently denied any involvement with sexual misconduct and has called the Washington Post article fake news.

Donald Trump threatened to sue the New York Times in response to a sexual assault exposé which had accounts from two women stating that he touched them inappropriately. According to CNN, nothing came of this case.

More recently, Harvey Weinstein also threatened to sue The New York Times for a piece that included numerous accusations of sexual assault. CNN reported that nothing came of this case either.

According to the New York Times, a total of five women have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct that occurred when they were teenagers, and Moore was in his 30s. The youngest of the five was 14 while the others were aged 16 to 18.

The woman who was 14 at the time accused Moore of taking her to his house, undressing to his underwear and having her undress to her underwear. He then touched her over her underwear and made her touch him as well, according to CNN.

The most recent accusation comes from Beverly Young Nelson and is much more serious than previous stories. The Times reports that Nelson described the incident by saying “he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head onto his crotch” to a crowded news conference in New York.

Many Republicans, including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, have withdrawn endorsements of Moore after these allegations, according to the Washington Post. McConnell notably declared “I believe the women” and Ryan has said “if he cares about the values and the people he claims to care about, then he should step aside.”

The Times reports that Moore has stated he will not step down and has even said that Mitch McConnell should step down because of the way he has handled the situation.

Other Republicans have expressed concern for what Moore’s absence would mean for the party. The Dec. 12 senate election that will fill the space left by Jeff Sessions in Alabama is quickly approaching. Alabama state Rep. Mike Ball said, according to the Post, “It’s too damn late” to find a replacement for Moore.

Despite many Republicans calling for him to drop out of the race, Moore says he will not be doing so. However, the Times reports that while speaking in Alabama, Moore said that he would pray that he would not be placed in the Senate if it were not God’s will. Moore maintains that the accusations are “completely false,” according to CNN.

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