Racially-charged stickers were found in a Cambridge park on Halloween. Photo courtesy of Christopher Schmidt via Flickr

Racially-charged stickers saying “It’s okay to be white” were found around Cambridge Common and Harvard Square this past week, reported the Boston Globe.

The stickers were not only found around Cambridge Common and Harvard Square, but also were found in places far from Cambridge, such as the surroundings of Tulane University in New Orleans on Nov. 1 and the University of Alberta in Canada on Oct. 31.

The incident has spurred some discourse on social media. While one Twitter user said that he thought this was an innocuous action, another replied that this was a truism and wrote, “who feels the need to paint Cambridge with the message?” Some people said on Twitter that even though “it is okay to be white, it is not okay to say it.”

When the Scene dug back and searched what led to these stickers, they linked it to a 4chan thread; a 4chan thread is an anonymous forum where someone can draw their own conclusions. The scene also found a “plan” that was propagated and clearly showed that people who posted those stickers used Halloween as a cover.

The Scene believed that people who posted the stickers aimed to create a scary media reaction, and they succeeded.

Public Works crews have removed most of the stickers.

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