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Almost a year after the singer’s death, new court documents revealed that Prince Rogers Nelson struggled with a secret prescription pill addiction that led to his untimely passing.

The Daily Mail reported that Prince’s Paisley Park home in Minneapolis was found strewn with pills when he was found unresponsive in an elevator in his estate. At just 57 years old, the late pop star’s autopsy revealed he had overdosed on fentanyl, a synthetic drug 50 times as strong as heroin, according to the Associated Press.

The recently released search warrants and affidavits reveal that some of the prescription pills he took were actually prescribed to Kirk Johnson, Prince’s bodyguard and confidant, said the A.V. Club.

Investigators of the case referred to Johnson as “one of the few people who had unrestricted access to Paisley Park,” said NPR. The investigation also studied Dr. Michael Schulenberg, who began treating Prince just a couple weeks before his death.  The warrants showed the Schulenberg prescribed drugs, including the oxycodone Prince overdosed on after a show in Atlanta, for Prince under Johnson’s name to protect the star’s privacy. The day Prince died, Johnson told authorities that the singer was dealing with opioid abuse and withdrawal reported The Daily Mail.

Some pills were prescribed to a “Peter Bravestrong,” who Judith Hill, a friend to Prince, confirmed was an alias Prince used when he was traveling, according to NPR. The new search warrants also suggest that Hill may have been more than a friend; the former contestant on “The Voice” communicated with Prince through a private email account that showed the two had been romantically involved since 2014, according to The Daily Mail.

The pills in Prince’s home were found mainly in Aleve bottles, vitamin bottles, envelopes and a suitcase that also held the lyrics for Prince’s song “U Got the Look.” Pamphlets for rehab centers were also found, according to the A.V. Club.

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