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The recent Turkish election effectively changed the country’s Parliamentary system to a Presidency.

The new president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will have expanded powers that the former prime minister did not have. The referendum ended in a narrow win for the new system, with only 51 percent of the votes, according to the Washington Post.

Turkey has been trying to join the EU for decades now. Many have been hesitant to allow Turkey in because they are a predominantly Muslim country and have unsteady borders, according to the New York Times. Following the election, Guy Verhofstadt, a prominent European Parliament leader, called to “stop accession talks immediately” for Turkey.

An EU spokesman said that Turkey should “consider the next steps very carefully.” The BBC stated that European leaders have concerns with how close the results were and how divided the country is, like many others in the world.

Austria’s conservative foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz tweeted that, “After the referendum it can’t just be business as usual. We finally need some honesty in the relationship.” Kurz urges to delve deeper into ties with Turkey instead of focusing on their potential addition to the EU, according to the New York Times.

Turkey could potentially not join the EU now. Further discussion will take place to decided if Turkey will be allowed to still join the EU.

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